Hey, I’m Monica!

If you clicked here, it means you’d like to get to know a little about the lady behind the camera.

Monica Bee Photography

First and most importantly, I am married to a wonderful military man! His job is to disarm bombs, and I like to joke that he is a pretty BOMB husband. We're currently in our third branch of the military together. We started dating when he was serving in the Marines, got married when he was in the Army, and he just recently joined the Air Force as an active duty EOD tech.

I'm Nebraska born and raised (Go Huskers!) -- the military wife life has also had me living in California, Florida, and Kansas at one time or another. I love to travel (although, who doesn't?) and I try to take advantage of opportunities whenever I can! My love for travel is only matched by my other love for running Netflix marathons on my couch. In addition to photography, I am also a nanny (by day) as well as work at Pure Barre, where I try and keep myself in shape for all the Chipotle chicken burritos that I come up against.


I've been in the photography game for longer than I'd like to admit (nearly a decade now--eek!) and I am best known for my child portrait and family photography. The reason for this is because I started my photography career while working as a nanny for a family with five children. They became my little muses and I would chase them around the house to document all the beautiful little moments of ordinary life. It has given me a unique set of skills to be able to handle the chaos that inevitably comes with family photos. Trust me, if I can handle their family, I can handle yours!